Traitors, Invaders, Infiltrators and Destroyers of all that is Good!

Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. 10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which … Click here to Read more

George H.W. Bush will NOT see His New World Order this side of Eternity!

He may have if his fellow Communist Hillary Clinton had been elected!!! Proverbs 2:11-15 “Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: 12 To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things; 13 Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness; 14 … Click here to Read more

If the Communists like Sessions then you KNOW he is one of them!

Will Trump put someone in who has a BIG Sack that will go after the Criminals and LOCK THEM UP! This did not take long! I agree with Michael and I would BET that it has been PLANNED all along with them KNOWING that Do Nothing Sessions would be ousted! You do not organize a … Click here to Read more

Democrat Voter Base Round Up November 1, 2018

Caravan Migrants Chuck Rocks at Mexican Border Police for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS They’re not sending their best. The second illegal migrant caravan was held up at the border between Mexico and Guatemala this weekend. Click here to see videos Military to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Southern Border in Anticipation of Migrant Caravan According to the … Click here to Read more

Judicial Watch Docs Prove Invasion Caravan’s are Funded By Soros and other International Organizations

Globalists restricting Lou Dobbs for accurately reporting caravan origins — funding must be cut off now!  Jamie White – Billionaire globalist George Soros used State Department resources and taxpayer funds to advance his leftist political activities, including influencing migration policy, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch earlier this year. The 32 pages of records … Click here to Read more

Nazism Alive and is Disguised as the Socialist Democrats

These are the Real Nazis in America people! They have people running in the Communist Democrat Party The Bastards (Hebrews 12:8) project it on the Righteous! Wake the Hell up!!! Psalms 7:11-16 “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. 12 If he turn not, he will whet his sword; … Click here to Read more

ISIS Flag is on the Mail Bomb Sent to CNN

Daily Beast journalist points out clue hiding in plain sight Paul Joseph Watson – A Daily Beast journalist has pointed out a clue to the motive behind the mail bombings that was hiding in plain sight – what appears to be an ISIS flag on the package addressed to John Brennan and CNN. “This looks … Click here to Read more

Communist Socialist Democrat Voter Base headed to America

Hondurans Paint Swastika On American Flag, Set It On Fire; Wave Honduran Flags, Give Us The Finger See more here  Thousands of Hondurans in U.S.-bound migrant caravan head into Mexico TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) – A U.S.-bound caravan of thousands of mostly Honduran migrants whom President Donald Trump has declared unwelcome, began pouring into the Mexican … Click here to Read more

How the United Nations is Working to Complete the Destruction of America and is Behind The Mass Censorship of Conservatives

We need to defend America from Enemies both Foreign and Domestic! The UN are the Foreigners, and the Communist Democrats are the Domestic!!! YOU  need to let that sink in people! The Democrats ARE the Enemy of America!!! As you will see in this article All News Pipeline is being Censored. I too am being … Click here to Read more

Kavanaugh Accuser has CIA Ties: Is Christine Blasey Ford a product of MK Ultra CIA Mind Control?

What if this incident was a total fabrication, part of a CIA Honeytrap? (H/T subhead I have a saying I post on Fascist book for all of my friend list to see. “Just wait a few days and the Poop will float up from the Sewer”! Well, that poop is starting to float on … Click here to Read more