Communist Rag New York Times is a Kingdom Divided!

Matthew 15:14 “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Be it known that the New York Times is Staffed with God hating Atheists, Satanists, Witches, Radical Feminists, Homosexuals, Lesbian, Abortion lovers, Pedophiles and Tranny’s! They ARE a Cesspool of … Click here to Read more

Dirty Democrats Creating Hundreds of Fake News Websites

The Tech-Giants,  Face Book, Twitter You Tube, Goggle, as well as the other major search engines, will help promote these devils. They do all they can to censor and eliminate any Christian and Conservative websites. Don’t believe me? Just go to one of my websites, copy an exact headline and check in the engine you … Click here to Read more

MSM starting to ADMIT the Deep State the Shadow Government Exists!

Just like Gate Keepers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest of the GOP boot lickers did with with the CFR, Bohemian Grove, and other Deep State Organizations!! If these Clowns did not protect them years ago, we would NOT be in the situation we are in today!!     NYT Shifts From ‘The Deep … Click here to Read more

Fake News YouTube and Social Media trying to Sanitize Image of Nazi Collaborator George Soros

New York Times Begins Propaganda Campaign In Attempt To Sanitize George Soros Ahead Of Midterm Elections Also see – Soros Provides Migrants With Prepaid Debit Cards To Fund Illegal Journeys NTEB – After a huge infusion of cash from George Soros, the New York Times began a series of articles and videos attempting to show … Click here to Read more

Snopes Debunked on Claim New York Times Didn’t Collude With Hillary Clinton

Snopes, the left wing website that supposedly “debunks” fake news has itself been debunked after new Wikileaks emails revealed that the New York Times colluded with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Back in October 2016, Snopes attempted to debunk our assertion that the New York Times had colluded with Clinton’s campaign by … Click here to Read more

Communist NY Times Ad Demands Antifa Revolution to Overthrow Trump

Coup against Trump ad appears in the failing Communist NY Times’ national edition Says Terror Attack was “Truck Attack” Communist Cult Members say it does not exist – Made up by Alex Jones! Kit Daniels – The New York Times published a full-page ad calling for a “revolution” to overthrow President Trump on Nov. 4. … Click here to Read more

New York Times Courts Anti-Trump Government Traitors

This could lead to criminal prosecution of the Times!

Breitbart News – Emails from a reporter for the New York Times to government employees obtained exclusively by Breitbart News demonstrate that the newspaper’s employees are not just on the receiving end of leaks, but are actually soliciting government employees to become leakers.

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Satanists at the NY Times commit TREASON! Trying to overthrow the United States Government

Journalists Go Nuts Over Rehashed New York Times Story

Daily Caller – The New York Times published a story Tuesday night claiming that there was contact between associates of Donald Trump and Russian intelligence officials during the presidential race. While the story states that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and essentially is a rehash of a previous story, journalists have gone bonkers over it.

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